11 October 2020

Greetings and all the best from Italy north-east (just south of Venice). Wanted used postage stamps for philately promotion to kids (stamp collecting offers a world of interest). All kinds, in duplicates, on paper, are welcome. This is a permanent appeal, so stamps can be sent at any time of the year. Thanks for consider a support to my project, and please ask my complete gift-offer or visit my other link (https://italyfreegift.wordpress.com):

Roberto Bortolotto,

Casella Postale Aperta,

Ufficio Postale Centrale,

35043 Monselice (Pd),


How do you start collecting postage stamps..? Where to get used stamps from..? It's easy. You can start by simply saving used (cancelled) stamps from letters, packages, and postcards. Ask your friends and family to save stamps from their mail. At work ask someone who sorts the incoming mail to save the stamps from the letters for you. Please remember the special attention: the one thing I must ask is if stamps could be left on the envelope and cut off leaving about two cm of paper sorrounding the stamp, to prevent damage. Trim the excess from around the stamp, but be careful not to cut the stamp. Never pull the stamps from the paper. Advance thanks for your possible support.

Stamp collecting: see a big world in a small rectangle..!

Philately is a passion..! Philately is art..! Philately is culture..! Philately is fun..!

Veneto region, Italy north-east: unique experience & art everywhere. The place for your holiday..!

Some great gift ideas for travelers..! Did you know..? Italy experience: Veneto region abounds in a number of fascinating places, as Monselice, a little known gem, just south of Padova. When in my area ask a free guided tour, and practice italian language for free. Here below some landscapes, about Monselice, a medieval village, and for other please visit my blogsites at:





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About me: Passionate traveler and hobby photographer. Love to discover interesting places. My main interests are tourism, photography, art, culture, museums, movies, music, books and magazines, postage stamps and postal history, languages, cycling.

Ciao..! Would you like to learn or improve your italian with the help of an italian friend..? It's for free, so don't hesitate to contact me. Of course, when in my area, the Veneto region, happy to offer a free guided tour in my medieval village Monselice, just south of Padova & Venice. Hospitality exchange possible. Au pairing is a great way to experience italian culture and language. You are welcome here..!

Attenzione: Prego i residenti in Italia di visitare il mio sito con l'offerta di libri gratis http://www.francobollicerco.blogspot.com

Below, Michelangelo art on 1961 italian postage stamp (as image on my profile):

More on my Facebook profile, at https://www.facebook.com/roberto.bortolotto.88264 



Please note: Here I provide you with personal advertisement, with photo, to help you promote yourself. I am hearing offers & proposals and all are welcome. I only ask your possible help for used postage stamps, as support to my philately promotion: please save any used postage stamps (any age, any location), you can post them to me, or I can collect (if possible). Thank you. Roberto Bortolotto (owner and admin) email: roberto88264@yahoo.it

Advice by Roberto & blogsite team: If there's a story you think we should be covering, let us know..! A note here is possible, for free and forever.

Maria Esther, a special friend in Cuba: Looking for penpal and much more. A free guided tour is available, but please advise in advance by email to arrange a convenient time. My city Santa Clara (here below) is in central Cuba, and you are welcome here. Thank you, and don't hesitate to contact me: techi64@nauta.cu


Lolarip Godson Makara, a special friend in Tanzania: Founder and Director of Safari Nuggets (escape the ordinary, adventure safari in Arusha National Park). More details at https://safarinuggets.com

Roberta, a special friend in Ferrara, Emilia Romagna region, northern Italy: For its beauty and cultural importance, it has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A free guided tour is available, but please contact the admin of this blogsite. Here below, my city Ferrara: On the left the City Hall, with monument (horse) at Niccolò III d'Este, and the Estense Castle.

John Mary Katuramo, teacher & social worker (https://facebook.com/katuramu.john.5) a special friend in Uganda, would like to receive a possible help for Opus Dei Orphanage Center. Here below some orphans. He recommends a special safari, in Bunyangabo, western region, Uganda: Dream, Discover and Explore; where the journey into the wild begins! More at: info@freshfieldsafari-uganda.com

Thank you for visiting..! Please don't hesitate to send me an email at roberto88264-at-yahoo.it (owner and admin). I love to hear from people that are enjoying my blogsites, and I like to hear from aspiring bloggers. Roberto